Comprehensive insurance covers your gun club and its members

No matter what kind of gun club you have, you need insurance for your club’s firearms, activities and members. Whether you meet at a range, participate in competitions and events, or run a reenactment group*, we have insurance options for your group.

What’s covered

  • Property―Covers loss or damage to any assets your club rents, leases or owns, including buildings, money, securities and other personal belongings of the club, its members and others. This coverage extends to losses due to negligence and employee thefts.
  • General Liability―Insures your club and its members against injury or damage with a variety of limits available up to $1 million per occurrence, up to $2 million per year, plus medical payments. Your club is also protected against claims of false advertising.
  • Optional Coverage―You can add coverage as needed for business income, boiler and machinery, glass, computers, valuable papers and records, accounts receivable and more.

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