Asked Questions

Can anyone purchase this insurance?
This insurance is designed to meet the needs of NRA members. If you are not a current NRA member, you can join by simply paying your membership dues as part of the application process. Once you pay your dues, they are not refundable or transferable.
How does the NRA benefit when I purchase this insurance?
Purchasing any of these plans directly supports the NRA’s mission to protect members’ rights and freedoms. Your NRA membership dues and contributions are not used to pay for this program, its marketing, or any other related expenses.
Where does my coverage apply?
The coverage territory for your ArmsCare and ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance is worldwide (with some limits). If you have NRA Business Alliance General Liability Insurance, its coverage territory includes the U.S. and its territories, Canada, and it can be extended worldwide for short business trips as long as you live in the coverage territory.
How long do I have to file a claim?
There is a 90-day window for filing any claim. You can request a claim form here or call us at (877) NRA-3006 (option 3). 
How quickly are claims processed?
We handle claims within 90 days of receiving your completed claim information. If you have any questions about the status of your claim, we’re happy to help. Just give us a call Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST at (877) NRA-3006 (option 3).
What if I have more questions about these insurance policies?
Just email, call us or write a letter. You can find all the information you need to reach us here. We’re ready to help you with any questions you might have. 
Do I automatically get the $2,500 No Cost ArmsCare Firearms Insurance when I become an NRA member?
It’s not automatic, but it’s quick and easy! All you need to do is activate your coverage. It only takes a few minutes, and you will not be asked for serial numbers. Once you have activated your coverage, it will remain active as along as your membership is current.
How is ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance different from the No Cost ArmsCare Firearms Insurance?
ArmsCare Plus can be used to cover your firearms and accessories valued at more than $2,500. It not only covers a larger and more valuable collection, but it provides replacement cost coverage. Also, firearms valued at $2,500 or more must be scheduled (listed), but we still do not require serial numbers.
I have fired the guns in my collection in the past. Can I still insure them?
Yes, you can still get Gun Collector coverage. Just keep in mind that the policy does not cover damage or breakage that happens due to a gun being fired.
What if I have a large collection that includes both collectibles and guns that I use?
For a mixed collection valued at $50,000 or more, we can provide you with a combination of coverage types to include both “shooter” and “non-shooter” firearms. Give us a call at (877) NRA-3006 (option 3) to discuss the best option for your situation.
When would I need Personal Firearms Liability Insurance?
This insurance is intended to protect you from unintentional injuries or property damage you may cause while participating in shooting hobbies, including hunting, trapping, shooting competitions and shooting at private ranges. It is designed to cover the gap in coverage from most homeowners insurance policies.
Am I still covered by my Personal Firearms Liability Insurance policy if I am away from home?
Yes, your coverage extends throughout the United States of America, its territories or possessions, and the Virgin Islands.
Will Personal Firearms Liability Insurance cover me if I am injured?
No, this liability coverage is intended for an injury that you may accidentally cause to someone else. Any injury you sustain would be covered under your health insurance.
If I have Self-defense Insurance, do I also need Personal Firearms Liability Insurance?
Both Self-defense Insurance and Retired Law Enforcement Officer Self-defense Insurance also include Personal Firearms Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage that you accidentally cause with your firearm.
With the Self-defense Insurance, can I choose my own attorney?
Yes you can.
Will my Self-defense Insurance policy cover me when I’m away from home?
Yes, your coverage extends throughout the United States of America, its territories or possessions, and the Virgin Islands.
Do I need to report the locations where I hold every class?
No, the insurance follows you throughout the United States of America (including its territories and possessions), Puerto Rico and Canada. It is also applicable in international waters or airspace under certain circumstances. Please read over your Certificate of Insurance for more details.
It is not necessary to notify us of additional certifications. You are covered for any approved instruction for which you are certified.                
Can I add a classroom or range to my policy during the year, if necessary?
Absolutely! Just send us an email with the name and address of the location you need to add.
Can I change my policy limits at any time?
Yes you can! Email us the request to change the limits, and we’ll take care of it for you.
Does this policy cover role playing as part of the instruction?
No, this insurance specifically covers down range firearms instruction. Coverage does not include paintball, Airsoft, Simunition, pepper spray, baton, handcuffing, hand-to-hand combat or martial arts.
If I am injured during firearms training, will this policy cover me?
Your own health insurance would cover you for any injury you might sustain. This is a liability policy, which means it is designed to cover injury for another person who is injured accidentally in the course of training.
Do you offer coverage for firearms-related businesses?
Yes, we offer customized coverage packages for all types of businesses in the firearms industry, including gun stores, commercial ranges, hunting guides, gunsmiths, gun shows, gun and hunt clubs, and many more. Learn more about Business Insurance or Club Insurance or call us at (877) 487-5407 to talk with one of our representatives specializing in firearms business insurance.