Extra protection when you’re hunting or participating in shooting sports

Your homeowner’s insurance policy probably offers very little in the way of protection if you should accidentally cause damage or injuries when you’re handling a firearm. That’s why we’ve created this custom plan to close that coverage gap.

When you’re covered

This coverage is designed to provide you up to $1 million in coverage for any unintentional injuries or damage you cause while:

  • Hunting or trapping on public or private land
  • Shooting in competitions
  • Shooting at private shooting ranges

What’s covered

Personal Firearms Liability Insurance covers:

  • Costs that you are legally obligated to pay for injury or damage that happens while you’re using a firearm, air gun, bow and arrow, or trapping equipment
  • Most of your costs to defend against a lawsuit―in addition to the liability limit―even if the lawsuit is false

Annual Liability Limit options and costs

$100,000 combined single limit $47 per year
$250,000 combined single limit $67 per year
$500,000 combined single limit $100 per year
$1 million combined single limit $200 per year

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Personal Firearms Liability Insurance lets you pursue your hunting and shooting hobbies knowing that you are covered in case of an accident.

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